Top 10 things I wish I knew BEFORE I went to India

Chaotic, polluted, dirty, smelly, poverty, culture shock, hot, noisy, crazy driving, spicy food, and even Delhi Belly, are all things I heard about India and somewhat expected to be true. Some were true and some, well actually they all characterized…

Meet Samantha

I‘m just your average girl, flying, driving, hiking, biking, diving, jumping (and whatever else comes my way) through the world in search of bucket list experiences, breathtaking beauty and memories that last a lifetime! After a layoff in early 2020 I decided to fuel my wanderlust and SEE as much of the world as possible by embarking on my first long term solo travel journey. I hope by sharing my travel experiences I will inspire others to adventure fearlessly and start their own life-changing journey!

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Amazing Australia

AMAZING indeed! I spent three weeks in Australia wine tasting my way through Melbourne’s Yarra Valley, cuddling Koalas in Queensland, diving the GB Reef in Cairns, exploring iconic Sydney, adventuring down the Great Ocean Road and so much more. Even…

Sensational Scotland

Neist Point Lighthouse, Isle of Skye Scotland Photo Tour Scotland is everything I thought it was going to be, AND so much more! Initially traveling for a wedding, I decided to stay a while and turn it into my first…

Captivating Costa Rica

Jaco Costa Rica Photo Tour I love a good photo tour especially one with so much PURA VIDA! The only phrase to live by in Costa Rica. Simply translated to “The Pure Life,” this country’s motto is everywhere. Pura Vida…

Spectacular Sedona

View from Bell Rock Pathway Sedona Photo Tour Beautiful Sedona. A desert town I have wanted to visit for years before I finally made it. The red rock scenery was truly remarkable and even better from each trail head we…