Real Talk: I started a blog! Now what?

Thanks for stopping by. I’m sharing why I started a blog and how accidentally came about. Its been a struggle and a bit exhausting but I’m still going for it!

the beginning phase

The idea of starting a blog evolved from when I decided on a whim to launch “My Bucket List Year” on Instagram after “deciding” to quit my job and travel the world! Original right? haha-well until I worked out the details on the job front I went ahead and launched my new account and started getting followers without even posting my 1st photo. I immediately thought “hot damn this is going to be GRRRREAT!”

I ended up only posing twice to instagram over the next few weeks because I couldn’t decided what else to post. Then I started to realize I have a mortgage, not enough savings and an upcoming condo assessment (in the millions of dollars). Maybe quitting my day job to spend money on traveling wasn’t the best idea. I did some soul searching and realized my job was pretty solid and my new manager was actually becoming a reason to stay. He encouraged a strong work life balance and promoted a healthier work environment. With that I decided the smart thing to do would be to balance the two (work vs travel) all while earning a consistent paycheck, saving $$money and keeping my health benefits….so maybe in the future I would be able to quit my job and travel full time.

the getting there phase

The next 10 days I soul searched again and on August 31st I finally committed to trying my hand at travel blogging. I changed my instagram name to Seeking.Sam since my bucket list year wasn’t going to happen. I spent hours…probably 6 compiling all of my past travel photos, editing, drafting comments and searching for hashtags and finally started sharing them on instagram…I think I ended up with three insta worth posts in 6 hours! oh Boy!

Over the next week I brainstormed and read as much as I could about blogging and building websites. I skipped out on brunches and birthday dance parties and didn’t get out of my pjs all weekend long. I was so in the zone and wanted to soak up all I could! On September 8th I decided to set up a website. SeekingSam was not available…mistake 101 (picking a name that is not available across all media channels) I went with the domain, hosted with SiteGround and started my WordPress site with a free theme.

the “I want to quit phase

Over the next 12 hours I attempted to build this website and became SO incredibly frustrated. I was getting no where! I figured a few things out but couldn’t get photos to show up and text to appear correctly. After having a mini melt down I decided I was hiring a professional. I researched a few web-designers who wouldn’t even work with beginner bloggers saying “trust me, you don’t want to pay me to set up a site with no content” (its about $4,000-$10,000). They are right, it is not the best investment for a beginner, but this was how frustrating I was getting! I felt like I wasted the whole day. I went to bed that night feeling defeated and old. I’m usually good at figuring out computer stuff but I was totally starting to doubt myself. I’m now thinking “maybe this was a mistake.”

The next morning my brain was still exploding from the day before. I hastily deleted the site, bought a new domain name and started from scratch. I don’t remember where SeeingSam came from but I remember I liked it when I entered in the site’s tag line “Come SEE the world with me”  I updated my instagram account to seeing__sam (since all other versions were taken) and set out for attempt two!

Check back for more updates on how the blogging life is going!

In the meantime read this post about what you need to know before you start a blog. I hope you enjoy!

Thanks for reading! If you enjoyed this post let me know in the comments below. I’d love to hear from you!

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