The 3 BEST things to know BEFORE starting a blog

I officially stared my blog on 9-9-19…..I just realized that date has a bit of a ring to it! I love when cool things happen organically. Anyways, I’ve been at this for a few weeks now and I want to share some tips on what I wish I knew before I started my blog that could maybe help you if you are thinking to start one yourself.

I have learned a lot about the technical aspects of blogging so far. What I am realizing more and more is you HAVE to love the process if you are going to be successful. You can’t just want the result and expect it to happen just because you followed all the right steps. I wouldn’t say I started for fun. I have a goal in mind but every morning since 9-9-19 I’ve been waking up early (say by 6am) and working on blog related tasks before work. After work I am sitting right back down and staying up later to get more done. For me the process of achieving my goal is fun!

Ask yourself two things 1. “why do I want to start a blog” and 2. “what do I want to get out of it”

I literally launched this blog with the intention of creating something that would add excitement to my life! In additional to that I’m hopeful that one day I can work for my self while being location independent. I wanted a passion project in my life and decided travel blogging is the route for me because

  1. The writing process is enjoyable and calming to me.
  2. I LOVE photography and I want to share more of it
  3. I am passionate about traveling and experiencing new things
  4. Building a travel community and meeting like minded people seems REALLY cool to me

Your reasons may be different but regardless of what they are you have to remember them. It is not going to be an easy process and you are probably going to want to quit. If you don’t have a focus on what you want out of your blog or why you even started it, it will be that much easier to quit.

Next, know that blogging can be very time consuming

Every blogger I follow says this and it’s one of the reasons why I didn’t start my blog earlier. The good news is time is manageable. If you are passionate about starting your blog you will make time for it.

It is 5:30pm right now so I have already spent over 2.5 hours on this one post. For me that’s not too bad considering the hours I’ve spent on others. Experience says I’ll easily need another few hours for editing and even more time to add photos. One blogger told me a travel post with links and photos usually takes her at least 10 hours of work. Good to know!

One of the biggest time savers I am currently discovering is to plan posts and learn as much as you can before you start! I am usually the learn as you go type but I am quickly realizing spending time learning about such things as SEO, WordPress, marketing strategies and what a solid blog structure looks like will save me time in the long run!

One more thing…starting a blog costs money

Don’t freak out, its not a lot of money but you surely will be spending more than you are making when you first start. Look at it this way, investing in yourself and ultimately your success is a really good thing!

To start my blog I paid for the below right off the bat

  • Siteground Hosting + domain name= $27.95 a year
  • Siteground domain ID protection= $12.00 a year
  • Siteground start up hosting fee= $47.40 a year
  • Akismet Spam security= $12.00 a year
  • Website theme- I used a free one but I think a paid one with better customer service would be soo worth it= about $60-$75 a year

For those of you who don’t want to add it came out to about $100

Other things you may want that will cost eventually

  • Skillshare – a website with online learning videos= free monthly trial
  • Tailwind – automatic social media scheduling= free until you post 100 times
  • Mailing list marketing= Mailchimp is free up to 2,000 subscribers
  • Creative editing programs= Adobe Photoshop $9.99 month.
  • Additional plugins for better website performance= $20-$100+ a year

To summarize, before you start your blog make sure you:

  • Know why you are starting a blog
  • Know what you want out of it
  • Be prepared to spend time on it
  • Have some blogging money ready to invest

One thing I always tell myself when I’m unsure about something is “whats the worst that can happen?” if the answer isn’t life changing, I’m always more encouraged to GO FOR IT! At the end of the day if you know what your goal is and have the drive, commitment and patience to get there, JUST GO FOR IT!

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