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Frequently Asked Questions

At this time, I do not accept guest posts. I share my own experiences through every blog post and do not write on topics or locations I have never personally traveled to. I’ll never understand how so many “successful” travel sites are run by people who never leave their bedrooms.

No, I do not accept offers for paid links, and I do not write posts on products I have never tried, no matter the price.

On occasion I will accept product in exchange for organic mentions and instagram stories but do charge a fee for product photos and other curated content.

I only accept exchanges if it is a product i’ve been wanting to try or I have already tried and loved. I am very selective on what brands I would like to work with and incorporate into my active lifestyle.

I love new experiences, beautiful places, unique adventures, and taking photos of all of it, so I prioritize it. I sacrifice eating out, costly gym memberships, designer apparel, daily coffee, a new car, salon and med spa services, to name a few to save as much as I can to put towards travel. For more details, please read my about me page.

It is not about being scared, it is about doing the things you are scared of anyway. Yes I was scared on my first few solo trips but considering the alternative was sitting at home alone, I knew I was never going to see the world if I waited on someone to see it with. It gets easier the more you go, so what are you waiting for? Go SEE the World!